Identification with Good

We are always children of God, but if we are asleep to this fact it has little effect upon our present human experience. Only in so far as we are conscious of our spiritual unity with God, good, are our human affairs brought into coincidence with the happy plan of the divine Mind. Even with so universal an experience as a sunny day, only those enjoy it who are aware of its brightness and beauty.

The joyful awareness of present good is not dependent, however, upon external conditions; it can be experienced even when its supposititious opposite seems most apparent. This fact was illustrated to a student of Christian Science during a demonstration over facial disfigurement, the result of an accident. Observers and friends who did not understand Christian Science feared that the injury would be permanent, and for ten days the material evidence supported their belief to an alarming degree. But material evidence that denies the power and availability of good never rests upon a real foundation; and within six weeks the demonstration was complete.

October 25, 1930

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