It has been several years since I was healed by Christian Science...

It has been several years since I was healed by Christian Science, and I feel that I should like to express my thankfulness in such a way as will help others. In 1901 I was operated on for internal cancer. In 1909 the doctor under whom I was then nursing informed me that I had a return of the growth. I consulted with a noted physician in Seattle, Washington, who was at the time the head of a hospital, and president of the League for Medical Freedom. He agreed with the other doctor. Some few days later I went to Tacoma, Washington, to a hospital. There I had three doctors, and all agreed on my condition but would not operate, as they said I could not survive the operation. After two weeks in the hospital I returned home. Some years previous to this a friend had given me a copy of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy. It was in the bottom of my trunk. I realized that my only help must come from God; that man could do nothing for me. I commenced studying Science and Health together with the Bible. One year later I moved away from Seattle, but kept on studying, also attending the Sunday services, and was healed by reading Science and Health.

In 1911 I received a telegram at midnight that my only son, eighteen years of age, was drowned. I lost all control of myself; in fact, I seemed to have lost all reason, and my husband had to take care of me. He took me to a practitioner, and the first I knew—really grasped—she was saying, "There is no death." She said it over and over. And then I cried and cried and came to realize the truth, and was healed in that moment. Death had always been very real to me before that; but when my husband passed on seven years ago, it seemed as if he was just out of sight, but living, as if a friend had moved to some other city.

Testimony of Healing
Nineteen years ago, after my mother's persistent and...
August 3, 1929

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