[Written for the Sentinel]

Where Dwellest Thou?

The loved disciple tells the gentle taleOf how the Baptist stood one golden day,And Jesus passed.Behold the Lamb of God,The Baptist cried, for this is he that takesAway the sins of all the world; the oneThat coming after me is yet preferredBefore me and I knew not! Jesus passed,But came again another day where JohnWas standing, and his two disciples near.Behold the Lamb of God, the chosen one,That takes away the sins of all the world!

The two disciples heard, then turned aboutAnd followed Jesus as he walked along.Soon turned the Master; then he gently asked,What seek ye? So, with quickened breath, the twoDisciples asked, emboldened by his mien,The question trembling on their lips that day,Where dwellest thou, O Rabbi, Master? ThenThe Master smiling said, Come ye and see.

Signs of the Times
February 16, 1929

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