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When a child I suffered from a nervous complaint, and...

When a child I suffered from a nervous complaint, and as I grew up the condition became worse, through physical and mental suffering. Even when I was a child, the doctors had called my case very critical. After I had undergone two operations and had been in a sanitarium a long time without lasting improvement, I lost all faith in doctors and took only what were called strengthening remedies. I always trusted in God, and sometimes there was an improvement in my condition. In February, 1925, I was seized with apoplexy which affected my right side. Since the whole side was paralyzed, so that I could not move, I was forced to remain in bed. I could not move my left hand either. I did not want medical help; so I trusted in God, and could not be grateful enough when I noticed a slight improvement. At that time I knew nothing about Christian Science. In a little more than three weeks I was able to get up and, supported by a cane and with somebody to help me, could walk about the room and gradually begin to do something. But in August I suffered a relapse, and did not seem to improve at all; so on my sister's advice I had electric treatment. The result was a slight improvement; but in the spring of 1926 my condition grew so much worse that I was taken to an institution. There they could do nothing for me, and could give me no hope of recovery; so I returned home again and sat out of doors and in the sun a great deal. I could not walk without support, and could not walk upstairs at all.

Then a dear friend called my attention to Christian Science, and I immediately became interested. I sent for a practitioner, who lovingly helped me and explained Christian Science to me. After her second visit I was able to attend the Wednesday evening testimony meeting without using a cane. Words are inadequate to express what I felt whe there. After the sixth, and last, treatment I was able to go out unaccompanied. A few weeks later I could lay aside my glasses, and now I read and work without them and use them very seldom. I had worn glasses for fifteen years.

Where Dwellest Thou?
February 16, 1929

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