Spiritual Healing

The writer one day sat at a window reading. As she looked up, her eyes rested on a high building across the street. Instead of appearing symmetrical, the bricks and window casings seemed to be in curves, and the building appeared to be in imminent danger of collapsing. Yet it did not occur to the observer to believe the sense-testimony for one moment. Instead, the first thought was, What is wrong with the window-pane? And presently a small flaw, unnoticed for many years, was discovered. Everything seen through this flaw was distorted.

How symbolic this is of our daily experience! We look through the flaw of mortal belief, and apparently we see a sick man, a sick business, a sick world. Material efforts to rectify this erroneous condition are as futile as would have been the rebuilding of the house in question. Here Christian Science comes to the rescue with its revelation that man and the universe are created by God, are one with God, Spirit, and hence are divinely maintained, sustained, and protected. Man and the universe are not material, but spiritual, intact, complete, and perfect. Christian Science further reveals that in reality we are living in, indeed are a part of, God's universe here and now.

"The perfect law of liberty"
February 16, 1929

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