Loving Alone is Living

Mankind is constantly seeking ways and means of extending and perpetuating life. Much of the time, however, it is using material methods, and so its efforts do not meet with the desired success. It uses material means because it believes that life is material, or physical, and organic. Were it true that life is material, it would be equally true that humanity could be helped by material means; but Christian Science shows the impossibility of a creation that is unlike and contrary to the one creator, Spirit, God.

Christian Science both explains and proves that there is in reality no matter, and that so-called matter's claims to power, life, truth, intelligence, and substance are myths, misconceptions of spiritual facts. Matter, so called, does not exist as a real entity. Consequently, it has no life to perpetuate or extend. The destruction of the belief that there is intelligent matter is not the destruction of life, but, instead, is proof of the fact that Life is God, indestructible and eternal; and this fact brings to light the true manifestation of life expressed in harmonious activity and progress. It further shows how spiritual man, as the image and likeness of God, is constantly, ceaselessly, reflecting God, pure immortal Life. In the degree that one understands this great spiritual fact and acts unselfishly, one is truly living by reflecting God, divine Love.

"Our eyes are upon thee"
December 7, 1929

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