Consecrated Christian Warriors

Since the dawn of Christianity the activity of the Christian has been likened to warfare, and his office to that of the soldier, and the many points of the analogy have been perennially helpful. In her writings, Mary Baker Eddy has employed the words "soldiers," "warfare," and "warriors" with striking effect in encouraging or rousing thought to more vigorous and consecrated effort.

The new student, finding the nature of Christian Science beautiful and its effect blessed, is sometimes puzzled as to why a teaching so lovely should plunge one into certain warfare. He eventually learns that in order to live Christian Science one must destroy all evil belief in his thinking, and this destruction the seeming force of evil resists to the utmost. This scientific warfare is never between persons, as the world has interpreted warfare, but always between good and supposititious evil.

Glorifying God
December 7, 1929

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