Protection is something the whole world is interested in. We lock our doors to keep intruders out. We put up fences to protect our plots of ground. We make laws and traffic rules, and hire officers to enforce them, so that we may be protected. We build banks and strong vaults for our treasures. The more valuable anything seems to us, the more care we take to protect it. Mrs. Eddy learned through experience the necessity of protecting even her revelation of Christian Science from worldly beliefs.

Since God is infinite good, evil is unreal. In reality there is no evil power seeking to destroy good; but as long as the so-called human mind believes there is, there is need of protection, not from evil, but from the belief that evil is real. As the revelation of Christian Science is the greatest treasure of the age, there is need of adequately protecting our understanding of it. Our Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, saw this, and gave us the Manual of The Mother Church, which is equal to the great task it undertakes.

"Prepare to meet thy God"
January 12, 1929

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