God's Perfect Child

Ever since accepting as true the allegorical account of Adam and Eve, mortals have labored under the delusion that man is a fallen and imperfect child of God. This erroneous material concept of man resulted, and still results, from accepting as true the testimony of the material senses that matter is real; that matter has life, substance, intelligence, and creative power of its own. This false belief originated in the mystification of thought typified in the material account of creation set forth in the second chapter of Genesis, and could come only from an imperfect concept of God.

In the first chapter of Genesis it is declared that God, Spirit, made all that was made, including man in His image and likeness, in the image and likeness of Spirit, and pronounced His creation "very good." God is infinite divine Mind; hence, we cannot conceive of wisdom or intelligence apart from Mind; for God is All-in-all. Divine Mind, self-existent and eternal Truth, is therefore the only cause or creator, forever expressing Himself in ideas; and these ideas must ever reflect the nature of the source from which they emanate. Man, the image and likeness of God, is the idea of Mind, the eternal reflection of God, Spirit, and is therefore spiritual, not material.

Spiritual Ascent
January 12, 1929

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