Exalted Thoughts

Who among Christians has not experienced times when thought was exalted and great peace reigned? Who among Christian Scientists has not experienced these times, and when in the midst of them healed the sick and cleansed the sinner? The Christian Scientist prays for spiritual exaltation, expects the blessing, and receives it in proportion to his faith in and understanding of God, divine Truth and Love.

Now, spiritually exalted thought is the polar opposite of materiality. Indeed, it is in evidence only as material sense is silent. In other words, where materialism is rampant, spirituality with all its healing, redemptive power is absent. Let no one be in any doubt: the thought which is material, the thought which dwells on matter and the sensuous, is utterly opposed to the realities of Spirit, and as utterly is devoid of the inspirational, that which lifts mankind above the sick, the sorrowful, the sordid—and nullifies them.

Lecture in The Mother Church
January 12, 1929

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