"Prepare to meet thy God"

How often these words of the prophet Amos, "Prepare to meet thy God," have been used to frighten people, the impression conveyed being that at any moment one may be called upon to answer for a life of sin before a frowning Deity seated upon a judgment throne! Through the spiritual unfoldment of the Scriptures as revealed in Christian Science, one may come to see and use this text in an entirely different sense. Preparing to meet God is really preparing to meet good. Each morning the consideration of this text should place joy and expectancy in one's heart. Throughout the day, whenever it is recalled, it should never fail to supply courage and create confidence and hope. Mrs. Eddy says in "Miscellaneous Writings" (p. 206), "Good is my God, and my God is good." If preparing to meet God is anything but meeting good, then one's concept of God is incorrect.

If we do not meet good in daily living it must be because we have not prepared our thought sufficiently or in the proper manner. Prepare to meet good means to have no expectation of evil, no fear of or belief in evil. This at once exposes the wealness and defects of mortal beliefs, from which we as Christian Scientists are being healed. Divine intelligence does not fear evil. How far from this saving Mind we were when we expected evil, when we prepared our thought for it and it was our daily experience! The stirring command of the prophet Amos should awaken us all to the necessity of a proper preparation of thought to meet good.

Spiritual Sense
January 12, 1929

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