The writer of the article entitled "Modern Substitutes for...

Lunds Dagblad

The writer of the article entitled "Modern Substitutes for Religion"—spiritualism, theosophy, and Christian Science—which appeared recently in your paper has, in his attack on Christian Science allowed himself to repeat the same overworked, erroneous statements about this religion which have been repeated in the press many times during the past year. When reading the book under review, which is being so urgently recommended to the public, all fair-minded persons will detect and admit the inconsistency of the author's statements and will deplore the unjustifiable, unchristian, and wholly erroneous remarks about Mrs. Eddy; for what is recorded in that book about her has, as is well known, been proved to be untrue many years ago. "The Life of Mary Baker Eddy" by Sibyl Wilbur is an authentic record of her life and work. It is to be regretted that some Christian ministers and teachers of religion turn aside from preaching and teaching their own religion to engage in misrepresentations of others and their religion. In attempting to analyze the infinite subject of Christian Science and explain its method of operation, the writer has attempted something impossible to him, for without the spirit the letter is dead. A demonstrable understanding of the Principle and rules of this Science is indispensable to the explanation thereof.

Christian Science does not attempt to escape the evil in the world by denying its existence. On the contrary, Christian Scientists admit evil to be a condition of human experience. They do deny, however, that it is God-created or that it has any place in the divine consciousness. By understanding this and the fact that spiritual law is ever present and constantly operative, and by the scientific application of spiritual law to the discordant condition, evil can be removed from human consciousness. The only way to escape sin and its consequences is to stop sinning. The writer of the article in question regrets that so many Jews are turning to Christian Science. It is obvious that they as well as members of many other races and religions are not satisfied with creeds and dogmas and dead rites. Christian Science satisfies one's reason and gives him a firm foundation for his faith. The negations of Christian Science, which are emphasized by its opponents, are logical conclusions drawn from its positive affirmations. This is an important point which is generally overlooked by its critics, because not understood by them.

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