[Written for the Sentinel]

I Thank Thee, God, That Thou Art All

When I do know that Thou art All, O God,A sense of calm assurance comes; and thoughMy path be strewn with obstacles, I findIt possible to follow on, my handIn Thine! And as Thou leadest me beyondThe maze where fear or doubt would baffle me,Oh, then I pause in deep humility,My heart to rest within Thy wondrous light,My feet to stand more firmly on the rock,My voice to cry aloud in gratitudeThat Thou art All.

When thus I firmly stand and realizeInfinitude is Thine, a sense of peaceUnbounded comes to me. And later whenI look within, behold, my heart is washedAnd purified. The seeds of error, sownIn moments not alert, are rooted up,And in their place a tranquil glow of loveIs found. My consciousness becomes awareOf what regeneration means, and asThy ways become more clearly seen, thanks TheeThat Thou art All.

February 4, 1928

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