I again thank you for allowing me space in your columns...

Auckland and Country Chronicle

I again thank you for allowing me space in your columns to reply to a certain writer's attack on Christian Science. Jesus' teachings were derided, and his wonderful demonstrations of divine power denounced as of Satanic origin, by those of his day who claimed the prerogative of expounding spiritual truth. Why? Because he challenged their teaching and justified his claims by his practice. History repeats itself. Christian Science denies all finite and human theories on divine subjects, replaces them with wholly spiritual teachings, and proves its statements by demonstration.

May I say a few words in reply to the writer's attempt to discredit Christian Science Mind-healing? The work is accomplished entirely through prayer, a spiritual or divinely mental process. The Christian Scientist when seeking to free himself or another from some form of evil belief has recourse to God, the divine Mind, and through prayer strives to become a channel through which spiritual truth will operate to annul the seeming activity of the carnal mind responsible for the discordant condition. Is not this what Jesus meant when he said, "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free"? Mrs. Eddy teaches that the ability to heal through spiritual means depends on Christian character and spiritual understanding. The Christian Science practitioner must cast out of himself moral evils; he must put off such qualities as pride, dishonesty, hatred, envy, sensuality, selfishness, fear, and put on those of humility, honesty, kindness, gratitude, purity, and spiritual love; he must understand the divine Principle and Science of being, be conversant with and obedient to divine law. Is it claiming too much to define such a method as both Christian and scientific?

God is Everywhere
November 3, 1928

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