Signs of the Times

[Rev. James Reid, M.A., in the British Weekly, London, England]

We are quite familiar with covenants or agreements between man and man; for example, a treaty between two nations, an agreement between two partners in business, a marriage, a compact between friends to help each other. These make certain promises to each other; these promises are the most sacred things in life. All such covenants for good objects are steps in progress. They prevent strife; they banish loneliness; they produce cooperation. They make for friendship, and help the world into becoming a family of His children. Whatever binds us to one another for right things is for the good of the world. It was a great discovery when Abraham found that God wanted to make a covenant with him. Before that He had been a great Someone, far off. Now Abraham realized that He sought to become a friend. Religion is just making friends with God. Abraham was called the "Friend of God." Note the nature of the compact, and think what new and wonderful happiness this would bring into his life.

October 15, 1927

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