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A few years ago we did not know what Christian Science...

A few years ago we did not know what Christian Science was, and we came to it at a very sad time in our lives; but now we are sure of knowing the way to Truth, of which Jesus spoke when he said, "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." We were led to Christian Science through the illness of our dear child, whose sickly condition, since birth, had completely baffled all the physicians who had attended him. Our dear son was wasting away visibly; we hardly dared to look at him, and the poor child was himself persuaded that he was going to leave us. Therefore, the despair of this child of nine years (our only son) was frightful to us, who were powerless to help him, having tried in vain all material remedies, and unfortunately knowing of no other.

At that moment, someone to whom we were telling our troubles spoke to us of Christian Science. We immediately asked help from a practitioner, who by her right thoughts, seeing her neighbor as God's perfect man, neither suffering, broken down, nor lost, immediately wrought a great relief in our dear child's condition; and the complete healing was not long in being accomplished. Our beloved son is thriving now, mentally and physically, and although very young, already possesses a beautiful understanding which enabled him recently to heal himself of a heavy cold on the chest, a difficulty which formerly ended always in bronchitis, com plicated by asthma, and forcing him to keep his bed for several weeks. Through his understanding of man as the divine reflection, our son has also been able to make up easily all the time lost in his studies, and to catch up with his classmates who had been able to attend school regularly.

Testimony of Healing
I was taken ill in New York, and Christian Science treatment...
January 22, 1927

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