How much of sorrow and distress would be eliminated from the world's burden of care to-day if Peter's counsel were heeded, "Be ye holy in all manner of conversation"! Then all who profess to be followers of the Christ should, indeed, keep their "conversation ... in heaven." With a world in which are many pleasant and beautiful things, one wonders at error's tenacity, and at the false education which turns conversation away from the contemplation of higher interests and achievements, which are daily requiring mankind's attention. Surely error never could even seem to do this if one understood his real source to be God, and God to be the only cause and creator. Conversation rightfully belongs to those who are spiritually minded, and thereby qualified to elevate and bless society.

It is a privilege to live in this age; but it is likewise a responsibility. To enjoy and utilize fully its splendid discoveries and inventions demands better concepts of existence, the raising of thought to higher, purer realms. Values are determined by the justice and blessing which they contribute to all. Despotism and greed are being discarded, and beauty and joy are spreading their good will to all. "Mercy and truth are met together; righteousness and peace have kissed each other."

Understanding versus Ignorance
April 10, 1926

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