Harmony Maintained

Christian Scientists are learning that God, omnipotent good, governs His own universe and maintains it in perfect order and harmony. God, divine Mind, expresses His activity through His ideas; and this expression establishes the fact that "God is harmony's selfhood," as we read in "Unity of Good" (p. 13) by Mary Baker Eddy. Our real existence is simply an expression of the activity of the one Mind, God. If we did not reflect this activity, we should not have any real existence. The universe expresses the infinitude, the allness, of God; and the perfection of each idea is essential to the maintenance of harmony. Even the perfection of each cog in a wheel is necessary in order to maintain perfect action; if one were imperfect, then the whole would be thrown out of gear, out of harmony.

Now, if it were true that any one of God's ideas at some time was not expressing the harmonious activity of the one Mind, it would mean that at that moment God was not maintaining and governing His own universe perfectly—that He could not perpetuate His own harmony; and that, therefore, He was not omnipotent! If this were true, we should be without hope in the world. For it would mean that there is a real destructive power waging successful war against God; and the result would be chaos and final annihilation. Jesus proved that this theory is not true; and through the revelation of Christian Science we, in this age, are shown plainly how so to follow the Christ, that we, too, may prove that God is indeed omnipotent, and that "there is none else." On page 353 of "Miscellaneous Writings" our Leader writes, "The divine Principle carries on His harmony." That this harmony is maintained, Jesus proved in the only possible way—namely, through the atonement. He showed, once and for all, the oneness, the at-one-ment, of God, the creator, with His creation.

"The things of God"
March 27, 1926

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