There recently appeared a news dispatch in the Missoulian...


There recently appeared a news dispatch in the Missoulian ... about the conference of American rabbis; also an editorial comment by the Missoulian. Both contained much appreciated concessions of good accomplished through Christian Science. We are, however, unable to agree with those parts of the dispatch which characterize Christian Science practice as mental suggestion, or with the opinion expressed editorially that its healings must of necessity be limited to certaom classes.

The Bible says, "There is no power but of God;" that all things were created by Him, and that everything which He made was very good. The Christian Science method of approach is to apply such Biblical truths. Our reasoning in part would be that since God made all and all that He made was good, He did not make disease, since it is not good. There being no power but of God, good, disease must of necessity be powerless. Without going further, I trust it is clear that Christian Science practice consists of an earnest, sincere effort to know, apply, and realize Biblical truths—spiritual law. Therefore it can scarcely be accurate to characterize such a process as a cult or its practice as mental suggestion.

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