In reading the testimonies of healing in The Christian Science Journal...

In reading the testimonies of healing in The Christian Science Journal and Christian Science Sentinel I have thought many times that I have had many things to be grateful for, and that I should add my testimony to those given. Then the evil suggestion of waiting for a more "convenient season," when every problem had been solved and my demonstration was complete in every respect, would prevent me from doing it. Finally the thought came to me that if every one waited as I was waiting only a very few testimonies would be published, and that perhaps, after all, each person who gave his attestation to the power of God was having trials and problems to work out even as I was; that the testimony in itself was a demonstration, and that I too could give as well as receive, and thus prove a little of what our revered Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, says in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" (p. 79), "Giving does not impoverish us in the service of our Maker, neither does withholding enrich us."

I have had many things to be grateful for since gaining some understanding of God as taught in Christian Science. All physical disorders and discomforts which I have experienced have been met perfectly and completely through striving to be obedient to the law of divine Love. When quite a small boy I was playing in the yard, spinning with my hand the back wheel of a bicycle which I had turned upside down. My mother called for me to do some errand, but I was so absorbed in my play that I did not attend to her. In some way my middle finger was caught between the sprocket and the chain and could not be withdrawn until it had made the revolution with the sprocket. When I did get it released the flesh and fingernail were mashed. I ran immediately into the house and told my mother that I was sorry I had disobeyed her, and asked her to pray for me. In a remarkably short time a new nail appeared and the injured finger was healed without the use of any material remedies. This lesson of obedience to an earthly parent quickened my thought and perception of obedience to our heavenly Father, and I have learned that it is only by obedience to His eternal law that we progress and are made ready for more and greater blessings. I was also wonderfully blessed and sustained during the recent World War, never being absent from my duty for a single day during the time I was in the army. I was in a camp at one time where an epidemic seemed to be quite severe, and although continually exposed I never suffered the slightest inconvenience or discomfort. I am sure that I was wonderfully protected and guided during this time.

Testimony of Healing
I have had many benefits and healings through the study...
February 20, 1926

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