A report of a meeting of the Calgary presbytery, recently...

Daily Herald,

A report of a meeting of the Calgary presbytery, recently published in the Daily Herald, stated that in the minutes of its previous general meeting Christian Scientists and antiunionists, among others, were referred to as "detrimental to Christian advancement" in your community. Upon the vote of the presbytery the term "antiunionists" was deleted from this passage in the minutes, but the term "Christian Scientists" was allowed to remain. This branch of the United Church of Canada, while taking worthy steps toward greater unity and increased brotherly love, thus unfortunately missed a splendid opportunity which broader vision would have enabled it to seize.

It thus appears that early Christian history is repeating itself in your city. We read in the twenty-fourth chapter of Acts that Paul was accused before Felix of being "a pestilent fellow, and a mover of sedition among all the Jews throughout the world, and a ringleader of the sect of the Nazarenes." To-day, in our calm contemplation of the stately progress of Christianity, we appreciate the good work of the Apostle Paul, which placed him in the front rank of Christian heroes. It is obvious to those having eyes to see that such accusations made to-day against Christian Scientists are of a similar nature. Christian Scientists are carrying forward in a marked degree the work of the primitive Christian church, healing the sick and reforming the sinning through the Christ-power, sometimes in the midst of bitter persecution and attempted detraction. Christian Scientists invariably meet this opposition in a Christian spirit, returning blessing for cursing. They are thus advancing the cause of Christ on earth to-day in no uncertain manner.

February 20, 1926

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