The Place of Understanding

The world's search for wisdom never ceases; but it will never attain its goal while searching in matter, because wisdom cannot be found in the beliefs of mortal mind. The ramifications of human knowledge were never so great as now. New fields of discovery and invention have multiplied knowledge and theory, so that the scholar of to-day, setting forth to acquire an education in the schools of human learning, may well be overwhelmed with the immensity of the task. Never were the ways of human belief so numerous and intricate. They appall those whose mental processes are not equal to sifting the wheat from the chaff.

To define Truth has always been a problem to human thought. Pilate's inquiry of Jesus, "What is truth?" was only the echo of what had been troubling thinkers for ages, as it has been troubling them ever since. But those of Pilate's way of thinking were and are looking for Truth amid the inventions of human experience, and have found it not, because they have been looking in the wrong place.

"All the tithes"
February 20, 1926

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