Signs of the Times

[John H. Carstens, D. D., in Canadian Baptist,Toronto, Ontario, Canada]

There is great ignorance of the Bible on the part of saint as well as sinner. In all walks of life we observe an astonishing ignorance of the Book. The many misconceptions and the many false interpretations are not due to a knowledge of, but rather to an ignorance of, the Bible. What the world needs to do is to stop reading and studying about the Bible, and begin to read to study the Bible itself. Time is the great tester of all systems and beliefs. The Bible has been tried in the fire of opposition and has stood the test of the ages! The Book has always been hated and subjected to strong opposition. Men in all times have tried to destroy it. Celsus by the power of his reason; Porphyry with the power of his philosophy; Lucian with the power of his ridicule; Diocletian with the power of the Roman Empire back of him; one and all tried to destroy the Bible and blot out the remembrance of it from the face of the earth. But they all failed! They are all gone, but the Bible is here with all its power. Every engine of destruction which human science, philosophy, wit, reasoning, or brutality could bring to bear has done its work and failed. The Bible has a greater hold on mankind than ever before; more Bibles are read and published to-day than ever in the history of the world. Can that be said of any other book? If the Book had been of human invention it would have been destroyed and forgotten long ago.

February 20, 1926

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