In a recent edition of the Sentinel of Webb City reference...


In a recent edition of the Sentinel of Webb City reference was made to the position of Christian Scientists on the questions of Bible study and Bible reading for public school children. Lest there be a misunderstanding of that position we beg the use of your columns on behalf of Christian Scientists to state it. We could heartily favor the reading of the Bible in the schools without comment or effort to interpret. It would seem to us that Jew and Gentile, Catholic and Protestant, could unite in favor of the reading of a psalm at the opening of school; and all would be the better for it. However, should the school board decide to set aside a specific period for Bible study in the schools or in churches, Christian Scientists would stand with those denominations which insist that their children should be instructed only by those versed in their own interpretation of the Scriptures. Surely the school board would not agree to an arrangement by which the children of any denomination would be forced to listen to Biblical interpretations which are foreign to the understanding of the Scriptures as taught in their own homes or Sunday schools!

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