Will you kindly allow me space to correct a misleading...

Agricultural Report

Will you kindly allow me space to correct a misleading statement? In your recent issue you give a reprint from the Daily Express which reads in part: "Dabbling in mysticism, psychical research, spiritualism, telepathy, and Christian Science is given by one doctor as a link in the chain of symptoms which lead to dementia præcox." It is true the doctor only ascribes such results to "dabbling" in Christian Science among other things, but even this statement may convey a wrong impression to your readers.

An honest, correct study of Christian Science could not do what the doctor claims. Christian Science gives a clearer, better understanding of God, who is omnipotent, unchanging Love. This better understanding of perfect Love does indeed cast out all fear from the student, and thus restores him from disease or derangement of any kind, be it mental, physical, or moral. Christian Science teaches that God is the only Mind or intelligence, and that man, made in His image and likeness, possesses as his birthright only the thoughts which emanate from this Mind. In humbly claiming man's right and rejoicing in his inheritance of good, men can with confidence overcome every false belief, and learn that they cannot lose their Mind because they cannot lose their God. Any inquirer may obtain information of authentic cases of healing of insanity through Christian Science from any Christian Science Reading Room throughout the world.

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