Signs of the Times

[From the Bournemouth Guardian, Hampshire, England]

Signs of the world's awakening to a spiritual change were pointed to by the Rev. W. J. Noble, of London, in an address at the celebration of the foreign missionary anniversary at the Punshon Memorial Wesleyan Church, Bournemouth. He asserted that the world was on the eve of a great day of God, and urged that the church could not and must not refuse the challenge of God. All the unrest of the world, he said, seemed to be leading up to one great point. It was not simply economic, though it was that; it was not simply industrial, though it was notably that; it was not simply national, though that was one of its chief manifestations and one of its noisiest. Above all else, it was a great spiritual change that was coming over the world today, and the effects of it were already beginning to show. Everywhere they found that deep perturbation of the human spirit which, if we read history rightly, presaged a great coming of God. He was not referring to any great material manifestation, but to the development of the kingdom of God. It did not matter where they began to read the evidence, said the speaker, who went on to refer to China, India, and Africa, where, he said, the Christian church had opportunities which she had never had before.

December 11, 1926

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