In any discussion of Coue and his system of healing,...

Vossische Zeitung

In any discussion of Coue and his system of healing, namely autosuggestion, the religious teaching, Christian Science, is often drawn into consideration as a parallel teaching, as was done in an obituary notice of the late Emil Coue in Number 311 of the Vossische Zeitung. By way of information, it may be remarked that Christian Science is a Christian religion, the aim of which is to lead mankind in every respect back to primitive Christianity. Coue's aim was solely to heal sickness through his system, which has nothing in common with religion. Christian Science recognizes the healing of sickness as one of the conditions of primitive Christianity, namely, the putting into practice of one's faith, with the resultant works, which Jesus enjoined all faithful Christians to do. Christian Science teaches that the instructions of Jesus, handed down to us in the New Testament, were not given for a certain time only, and to a certain class of people; but for all time and to all faithful Christians. No one would wish to assert that Christ Jesus accomplished his healings by suggestion or by human will. Jesus taught that he did not do the works himself, but that it was the Father, the eternal Truth, that worked through him. Likewise, the Christian Scientist knows that he, personally, is not a healer, but that God works to-day just as He did at the time of primitive Christianity. Mary Baker Eddy explains the Bible in its spiritual import. She very strongly repudiates all influence of human will, such as mesmerism, spiritualism, and hypnotism.

December 11, 1926

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