When I first took up the study of Christian Science, I...

When I first took up the study of Christian Science, I had been under the care of doctors for twelve years. My troubles seemed to commence after I had typhoid fever, twenty-two years ago. When I recovered from this, I was told that I would have to be careful as to what I ate and drank for many years, as the fever had left me with a very weak digestion. In addition, my heart was affected. For the next twelve years I submitted to treatment from doctors and physical culturists in the hope of obtaining relief. I also took medicine night and morning for most of this time, and I was on a very strict diet. In spite of this, I was seldom out of pain, and my life was one of misery. I was of no use to myself or to others.

In the hope of obtaining relief, I underwent two major operations, the latter of which was performed in London, England, by one of the best-known surgeons there. After this operation, which was supposed to be completely successful, I was told by this surgeon that my troubles were over, as the cause of them had been removed, and that I need have no hesitation in returning to British Columbia, where I had been living before I went to England to have the operation, or in doing anything which I cared to do. In less than one year from the time this operation was performed I was in as bad a condition as before, if not worse. The suffering seemed to be even greater.

It was at this time that I decided to try Christian Science. I should mention that on various occasions, three or four years previously, I had been told about Christian Science and that it was the only thing which would help me. I used to listen to what I was told, but inwardly scoffed at what I thought Christian Science to be. I remember that I used to admit rather reluctantly that Christian Science might be good for nervous diseases, but for an organic trouble such as I had, it could be of no benefit. When I was taken to a Christian Science practitioner, he gave me a treatment and then told me that I could go home and eat anything I cared to. I returned to the house in which I was living at the time and ate what was put before me, but in fear and trepidation, because that which I was eating was something which I had been told I must never touch, as it was very indigestible. However, I suffered no ill effects; and from that day to this, now over ten years, I have eaten anything I cared for. I have never felt better in my life. Needless to say, all drugs and medicine were laid aside from the time I first took up the study of Christian Science.

Testimony of Healing
I wish to express my gratitude for Christian Science, as...
December 11, 1926

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