There are many reasons why I should be, as I am, truly...

There are many reasons why I should be, as I am, truly grateful for Christian Science. It has helped me physically, mentally, morally, financially, socially, and, best of all, spiritually.

Many years ago, through Christian Science treatment, I was enabled to lay aside glasses which I had worn for fifteen years, and which, I am glad to say, I have never needed since. I was so grateful for this healing that I turned earnestly to the study of the truth, and healings followed in quick succession. It is with heartfelt and sincere gratitude that I am able to testify that through the efficacy of Christian Science I was healed of occasional headaches, stomach disorders, and constantly recurring colds. On one occasion Christian Science healed me of what the doctors term hemorrhoids, and at another time of what the dentists call incipient pyorrhea. A sudden attack of poisoning and another of influenza were both quickly and permanently overcome by means of this Truth-cure alone. Again, with the aid of Christian Science, I was completely healed of a facial nervous trouble that caused me untold misery and anguish, and often made me keep aloof from my friends and relatives.

I am grateful also that Christian Science has cured me of any desire for intoxicating drink, the use of tobacco in any form, and even of the desire for coffee, tea, or such like so-called stimulants. This moral regeneration has been attended with great improvement in character; and anger, resentment, sullenness, greed, envy, mean criticism, and the like,—all these phases of error and their kin,—have begun to disappear and are being replaced in some degree, slowly perhaps but surely nevertheless, with a measure of humility, true meekness, gratitude, and love for God and man.

Testimony of Healing
When, through the light of Christian Science, I arrived at...
December 11, 1926

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