It is with deep gratitude and joy that I tell of some of...

It is with deep gratitude and joy that I tell of some of the numerous benefits I have received through Christian Science. Some years ago I was practically an invalid from inflammatory rheumatism. I was unable to walk at times, limped always, and my hands were swollen and useless. After I had tried all material methods of healing and visited places of health cure to no avail, a friend suggested that I try Christian Science. As I was in the deepest despair, seeing before me nothing but a life of invalidism, I decided to take her advice. Some benefit was received instantaneously. The rheumatism did not yield at once, but I became gradually better; and the disease finally disappeared as I became a better woman. Faults of character and ugly traits of disposition and temper gave place to gentleness and contentment; dissatisfaction, fits of depression, emotionalism dissolved before peace and humility; and I was made happy in the discovery of the God who is Love. Severe bilious headaches, which had prostrated me for days at a time, were dispelled; and a tendency to colds and sore throat was overcome completely.

Ever since that first treatment, given by a Christian Science practitioner, our family has depended on Christian Science in every emergency and for every need. My son was healed of a broken toe joint in two treatments, after a surgeon had prescribed splints and crutches for three weeks. He was able to walk at once, and the pain and inflammation were gone in a few hours. Through the comfort of Christian Science I was enabled to withstand and overcome a terrible shock, and the grief occasioned thereby, when a dearly loved one passed on in a very tragic manner.

Testimony of Healing
When a very young girl I sustained internal injuries from...
March 28, 1925

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