Spirituality versus intellectualism

The theory has long been held that the quality which chiefly distinguishes mankind from the lower animals is the ability to reason. This power, it is claimed, is due to the possession of some faculty, some mental endowment, not shared by the lower orders of life; and this mental quality, called intellectuality, is attributed to the possession of a more highly developed organism termed the brain.

In a somewhat similar manner, mortals have been accustomed to differentiate between the mental attainments of persons. Some, it is believed, are endowed with much greater intellectual power than others, due to superior mental equipment; that is to say, to a larger and more efficient brain, as well as to circumstances of birth, education, and environment. As a result of this commonly accepted classification, it has been regarded that some are possessed of superior mental qualities, of a higher order of intelligence. While, to be sure, the great works of men which have carried civilization forward have been the result of unfolding intelligence, the facts regarding this unfoldment are now being brought to light through the discovery by Mrs. Eddy of the truth about God, Mind, and its infinite ideas, which constitute the universe and man.

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January 24, 1925

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