Signs of the Times

[From the Living Church, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Nov. 15, 1924]

Prayer is essential to the Christian life. Prayer is more than the request to God for that of which we are in need; it is the acknowledgment that God is the reality and power without which we cannot live at all. If God is Life, we cannot live apart from Him. Our independence is fictitious; our self-sufficiency is only an illusion. In fact, the more we succeed in developing our lives without reference to God, the more we are in danger of developing them wrongly. Human life reaches its true end only as it follows the plan and seeks the purposes for which God created it. Prayer is the means through which we keep our own lives within the life of God; it is the discipline by which we make our mind, will, and affections correspond with His. The prayerless man may feel that he is doing well with His. life, but he measures his life by a false standard. He judges his life by its adequacy to meet the duties and occasions of the present which he can see and understand. His vision is too short. Beyond the present lie the purposes of God for human life, which he will never understand except as he learns to understand God's will for him, through prayer.

January 24, 1925

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