“It is with the deepest gratitude for the rich…”

It is with the deepest gratitude for the rich blessings that continue to pour forth from the infinite resources of the one Mind that I should like to tell something of what Christian Science has done for me. It was the simple beauty of its teachings and its infallible logic which first made appeal to me, and began at once to satisfy that hunger to know God which is surely deep down in the heart of all mankind. As indicated, it was not for healing that I began to study our beloved textbook, “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures” by Mary Baker Eddy; but healing came as a necessary consequence of enlightened thought. Severe neuralgic headaches, believed to have been inherited from both parents, entirely left me through the reading of the book. They ceased to have place in my thought, which was being filled with the truth about God and His idea, man. That was nearly eighteen years ago.

A few years after beginning to study Christian Science, I was attacked with laryngitis in a very severe form. When I awoke in the morning, it was impossible to articulate one word. No voice at all could be heard. At the time, I was in the theatrical profession and was to appear in a new production that same evening. Those words on page 126 of our textbook, “The human mind never produced a real tone nor sent forth a positive sound,” comforted and sustained me, for I knew that every word of that divinely inspired book could be demonstrated. I therefore relied wholly upon Spirit, God. A telegram was sent to a practitioner, treatment was given, and better conditions began to be made manifest immediately; but the demonstration was not complete until I was actually on the stage, when to everybody’s amazement the voice rang out so clear and true that it was heard at the back of the gallery.

Testimony of Healing
I wish to relate an experience which I had last winter....
January 24, 1925

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