“I first heard of Christian Science during…”

I first heard of Christian Science during the winter of 1906 in southern California, where I had been sent by the family with the loving and considerate thought that my life might be prolonged if I spent the winters in a bright, warm climate. I had been there about three months when I obtained for a few hours a copy of the textbook, “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures” by Mary Baker Eddy. I opened it at the chapter on Prayer, which was the very thing I was looking for. My thought had not been dwelling so much on the misery of sickness as on the despair of not being able to get comfort from my religion, to which I had tried to be faithful from childhood. It seemed to be so useless in working out the problems of life. I was not looking for physical healing, for I believed that God sent sickness for some good purpose, and I had never heard of healing except through material means. I had heard that Science and Health explained the Bible, and that was why I asked if I might look it over.

When I read the chapter on Prayer, my whole outlook on life seemed to be instantly changed, as though a great light had come into my life; and I can truly say it has never left me. I soon went to a Christian Science Reading Room and bought a copy of this book. The lady there advised me to get “Miscellaneous Writings” also, for I asked her where I could be taught more about this wonderful truth. I felt as if I would sell all I had if only I might gain an understanding of it. I bought a Quarterly also, and was shown how to study the Lesson-Sermon. From that day I became a faithful student of all of Mrs. Eddy’s writings, buying them by degrees, and subscribing to the periodicals. When I purchased Science and Health I began at once to study the chapter on Christian Science Practice, and was instantaneously healed of the so-called incurable kidney disease from which I was supposed to be dying.

Testimony of Healing
“I am very grateful to be able to make a report…”
January 24, 1925

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