Two students of Christian Science set out, one beautiful morning in the early autumn, to climb one of the majestic mountains of New England. The way was very easy at first; in fact, the first stage of the journey was made by automobile. Soon the end of the road was reached, the car abandoned, and the ascent of the steep trail begun. Sometimes the way was very steep and rugged and the progress slow. At each new elevation attained, however, the travelers were rewarded by grander views of the surrounding country. Sometimes the upward movement ceased, the way leading slightly down into small valleys, but later it always attained to greater heights beyond. Finally the summit was reached, and to the travelers was revealed in every direction, as far as the eye could see, the glorious ever changing panorama of woodland, dotted with occasional villages, peaceful farms, and numerous silver lakes. The view was observed for some time in silent reverence to God for the magnitude of His wondrous works, but a meager symbol of which was that which the eye beheld.

How similar to the experience of the mountain climbers is our upward journey in Christian Science! When the light of Truth first dawns upon our consciousness, possibly through a physical healing or the overcoming of some other discordant condition, we are filled with gratitude and a desire to learn more of the Science which has opened to us the door of a new hope. This is the easy part of the road, which perhaps had been made so by the gracious help of a loving practitioner.

Right giving
January 24, 1925

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