God's power to heal

The Christian Scientist knows that God’s power to heal is unlimited, because he understands God to be infinite. He knows also that this infinite power is ever available, because he is aware that God is omnipresent. These truths readily appeal to and are readily accepted by all who apprehend the fact that God is All-in-all. But many, although they may mentally assent to God’s allness, are unable to account for sickness and sin, and equally unable to see how these can be healed by the power of God.

Christian Science clears up the situation. Its teaching, which accords with that of Christ Jesus, maintains that there is one God, and that He is infinite in all the attributes of His being, including goodness and power. But it goes further than that; it holds that since God is infinite good and infinite in power, there is no real power in existence other than the power of God, and therefore no reality in evil, including sickness or disease. Moreover, it teaches that God is Mind, that Mind manifests itself in ideas, and that these spiritual ideas reflect the power of God. Furthermore, Christian Science shows that man is the idea of God, including all the lesser ideas; hence that man, the real or spiritual man, reflects the power of God.

The lectures
January 24, 1925

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