Right giving

Christians understand that the pursuit of happiness consists quite as much in giving as in getting. But the question often arises as to how, what, and where to give in order that the gift may truly glorify the great Giver of all. What are the relation and the duty of the modern disciple of the Master in this respect to the vast intricate organism of the world as a whole? One thing is clear,—in order to exercise a healthful influence in a community, one must be free from ignorance and, what is still more important, from information that is perforated with lies or tainted with evil prejudice. This, as every Christian Scientist knows, is the raison d'etre of The Christian Science Monitor. But, as with every great truth, the bald fact is more fully appreciated and realized when viewed somewhat in its historical and spiritual significance. It is in a sense like the Indians whom Columbus took back with him from America to Spain. There they seemed strange, exotic, inexplicable creatures of a mystic realm; but in primitive America they were natural enough.

When Jesus came with his message to the people of Palestine, he did not present to them the Messiah whom most of them had expected. They had been looking for one who would cast off the Roman yoke and restore the Hebrew nation to glories surpassing even those of David and Solomon. Jesus came preaching the reign of God in the heart of the individual. He did not seek to overthrow the existing civil government or to set up one of his own, although with his understanding of the power of God he might easily have done so, as numerous examples throughout ancient and modern history bear ample witness,—because he knew that such a government, resting on the strength and wisdom of one person, could last but a day.

January 24, 1925

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