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I wish to relate an experience which I had last winter....

I wish to relate an experience which I had last winter. When I was unable to go to work I had to call in a doctor, because, as an employee, I could not stay away from the office more than three days without a doctor's certificate. He diagnosed the trouble as a weak heart and melancholia. Dreadful images presented themselves to my thought. I asked for help in Christian Science, which was lovingly given me. When I was being treated I found myself thinking all the time, Other people have this and do that, and I do not. This, I saw, was envy and jealousy. I at once tried to realize that God is perfect, and that since He is everywhere, perfection must be everywhere; that because He is the only activity, there must be expressed perfect activity everywhere. From that time on I never thought again what other people have or do.

The symptoms of the illness, however, had not disappeared, and since I was just then leaving the state church, my affairs engrossed the thoughts of others. It was frequently said to my mother, "Your daughter will finish by becoming a religious maniac." Then I asked myself, Where do you really live? When I was clear that man dwells in divine Mind, which gives peace, health, joy, perfection, my condition improved; but the terrible images had not yet disappeared. Then I perceived that the evil other people were thinking about me was not being seen by me as impersonal. But when I realized that I must grant others what I claimed for mysefl, and that I must see, think, speak, and do only good, the images disappeared; in fact, I was entirely healed when I recognized God as the only source of joy, peace, health, and happiness.

Testimony of Healing
I should like to testify to the healing power of Christian...
January 24, 1925

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