Truth Is the One Fact

Christian Science is always calmly and surely positive. No proof by demonstration of the eternal presence of God and His omnipotent power ever followed the admission that there is any unlikeness to Him. Truth is radical, and acknowledges no other manifestation but that which expresses God, good. Christian Science teaches plainly that Truth and its opposite, error, do not commingle, because the one is an entity, the other a nonentity.

By careful study of the Bible and the writings of our Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, and by a painstaking application of their teaching, any one may prove for himself that truth is the fact and error the deception. No problem in mathematics was ever solved by allowing a mistake to creep into the application of the rule for its solution. Harmony in music is not expressed by the use of discords. There can be no accomplishment along any line of endeavor unless the goal is always kept in view. The obliteration of the erroneous model results from the demonstration of the perfection of reality. These words of a hymn have a clarifying effect in uncovering error: "Whatever dims thy sense of truth, ... count it as sin to thee."

A New Sense of Love
July 12, 1924

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