Speaking of the happy, prudent man, the Psalmist says,...


Speaking of the happy, prudent man, the Psalmist says, "His delight is in the law of the Lord; and in his law doth he meditate day and night." This expresses the Christian Science view. Christian Science turns one's contemplation or thought into right channels; it turns attention away from what is termed matter and material law; it turns thought from wrong educational and imperfect models; it shows the truth about so-called material substance, physical weakness, inflammation, fear, and kindred errors; it gives the right understanding of God and His creation, including man; it helps to overcome fear; it restores confidence; it assures all that man's God-given powers and functions cannot be worn out and become helpless.

So it is seen, according to the teaching of Christian Science, that that which heals or restores what is regarded as a wrong mental or physical condition is the truth. It is seen also—and one is impressed with it—that this is spiritual enlightenment, and that it is the power of the divine Mind which establishes harmony in disturbed human thought, or corrects a morbid state of any sort. No one will deny, when awake to the fact, that it is his own mental attitude towards life, as good at one time and bad at another, that holds him in bondage to evil in some form or other, and that separates him from the freedom that is here for him now.

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