Christian Ministry

By doctrine and example Christ Jesus taught that blessedness accompanies the joy of true service. In the Sermon on the Mount he gave to the world for all time its guide to right living; in that touching incident when the Master performed the lowly service of washing the feet of the disciples, he set an example that will never lose its gentle lesson of blessedness in humble and gracious service.

Through the ages before and since the beginning of the Christian era, those personages who have best served mankind, unselfishly and with high emprise, have won the greatest measure of respect and reverence. Those who have demonstrated the greatest degree of self-renunciation in true service have rightly been accorded the highest places in the grateful hearts of humanity. The self-immolation of Moses, the humility of Job, the spiritual joy of David, the dignified solemnity of Jeremiah, the splendid assurance of Christ Jesus, all these qualities were manifested in unselfish service for the people of their own day—each in his own way, but each tasting the joy of true ministry. Likewise, in our own age, the example of Mary Baker Eddy will continue while time shall endure, as one who gave herself whole-heartedly and without reserve to the promotion of the welfare of humanity. Having found the remedy for the ills which seem universally to beset mankind, she labored unceasingly to provide the means whereby her message of redemption could be carried to the receptive everywhere. She found her holiest joy in true Christian service.

June 21, 1924

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