I was attending a surgery, taking electrical treatment for...

I was attending a surgery, taking electrical treatment for the spine, when the doctor in charge asked me if I had ever heard of Christian Science. I said, "Oh, yes;" but I did not really know anything of it, and did not feel at all inclined to try it. Later he had to leave town, and I was left much better than I had been for some years. I had missed his treatment only a month, however, when seemingly my spine grew worse than ever. I was giving up all hope of ever getting strong again, and thought then that I must indeed be going to fulfill the verdict of other doctors, of whom I had had many. The last one who had examined my spine had told me I would never be able to work, and if I tried would probably end by being a hopeless cripple. I had been in bed as long as eight months at a time, and for five years I hardly knew a day free from pain. After the last treatment, I just gave up and wished I could die; but was soon to know differently.

I was sitting alone one morning and trying to get into a comfortable position, but could not, when the "still small voice" spoke to me. These words came to me very clearly: "Go out and seek a Christian Scientist." Now I did not know where to go, but I felt I must obey; and I was finally led to get into a tram car and ask a lady who sat opposite me if she knew of any Christian Scientists. She answered: "Yes, I am going to church now. Will you come with me?" I just told her I was sure that God had sent me there. We reached the church, and then "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy was placed in my hands. I took it home and read a portion of it, and right from the beginning seemed to know I was reading something true. I went again to the church, and a gentleman spoke to me, telling me that there was no pain. I said, "You say there is no pain; why, I am in pain now;" so he just took up Science and Health and gave me the Lord's Prayer with its spiritual interpretation (pp. 16, 17) to read. I did so, and something of its meaning dawned on me, and I went home rejoicing. I was healed. Oh, what unspeakable joy was mine! I had always loved God; but now I know Him, and love Him still more. God is Love, and Love heals.

Testimony of Healing
A little over six years ago I was, to sense, paralyzed
June 21, 1924

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