Right Resistance

It appears to take some time for men to learn the difference between right and wrong resistance, especially in the overcoming of evil. While those who stand for righteousness generally agree that all which is good and true should never be resisted, but obeyed and supported, when it comes to dealing with evil there seems much diversity of opinion as to the proper manner in which to do this effectually. Some argue for the universal and positive resistance of all that is wrong; while others insist that resistance is rarely, if ever, the correct method to be used in the conquering of anything. Indeed, this divergence of thought has been the ground on which many Christians have waged a more or less relentless warfare.

Now Christian Science stands unequivocally for the resistance of all evil. From beginning to end it teaches that evil of every name and nature is to be resisted, rejected, renounced, denied. In "Miscellaneous Writings" (p. 114), in speaking of the duty of Christian Scientists in this regard, Mrs. Eddy says, "They must always have on armor, and resist the foe within and without." Earnest students of Christian Science are all quite aware that this command of their Leader can be obeyed only as they cling so steadfastly to good that evil will be recognized as belief instead of person. So long as one identifies evil with persons it will appear to have a foundation, and the task of resisting and overcoming it will seem almost, if not quite, impossible.

"Come unto me, ... and I will give you rest"
May 3, 1924

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