Christian Science has been truly a great blessing in my...

Christian Science has been truly a great blessing in my life. I was reared under its protecting care from childhood, but the import of its vital nature has been forcibly coming to my consciousness only during the past five years. One great contributing cause to this spiritual awakening was a remarkable demonstration over inflammatory rheumatism. After its first manifestation, it rapidly assumed an exceedingly malignant form, spreading throughout the body and leaving me virtually in a state of paralysis. I could move neither hand nor limb without experiencing the most excruciating pain. A Christian Science practitioner was called, but still the condition continued to increase in severity.

Finally, at the end of two weeks, about midnight, the culmination came. Through a firm declaration of the omnipotence and omnipresence of Life and a steadfast clinging to the truth, the crisis was passed, and an improvement was clearly evident. In a month I had regained a normal, healthy condition, and was able to assume employments during the summer. The last two weeks of the healing afforded an opportunity to study Christian Science with greater care and earnestness. The lack of devoted interest in it during my senior year in high school had been, no doubt, responsible for this problem. The reading of "The Life of Mary Baker Eddy" by Sibyl Wilbur at the time also proved to be an inspiration, and contributed considerably to the healing. Despite the fact that part of the semester's work was lost, an harmonious adjustment was effected which enabled me to graduate with my class.

Testimony of Healing
I want to express my deep gratitude that I have had...
May 3, 1924

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