Overcoming Loneliness

The so-called human mind is not productive of happiness; and of all its painful suggestions, perhaps that one which calls itself loneliness is about the most torturing. It brings with it the depressing suggestions of self-pity, such as that nobody loves us, nobody understands us, and that we really have not deserved to be placed in so sad and gloomy a situation as that in which we find ourselves!

If we are honest in our wish to overcome these suggestions by Christian Science, we shall analyze them in order to discover the wrong underlying them; and we shall come to the conclusion that it is a strong sense of our own personality, a belief in a selfhood apart from the one Mind,—in other words, our egotism,—which is the difficulty. And human egotism is the result of the mistaken belief which supposes spiritual Being to be, in some inexplicable way, in matter, and divided up into innumerable separate human existences. Christian Scientists know that Life is God, good. They know that Life is infinite, and that therefore there can be nothing beyond it; that Life cannot be divided, and that it is self-existent and self-directing. "Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God is one Lord."

June 30, 1923

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