Christian Science does not teach that "God is goodness,"...


Christian Science does not teach that "God is goodness," nor that "goodness is God." Christian Science does teach that God is good. So does the Bible; so did Christ Jesus.

Christian Science does not "destroy the idea of personality of God," nor "make Him an abstract quality." Christian Science denies that God is like a human being, and denies that He is personal in this sense; but it consistently affirms His individuality and personality in every divine or spiritual sense. Fundamentally, a person is "a self-conscious being." Personality is the "essential character of a person as distinguished from a thing; self-consciousness; existence as a self-conscious being" (Century Dictionary). In Mrs. Eddy's writings, she has not only accepted such definitions as applicable to God, but has continually emphasized the facts which show that "He is the infinite Person." In the same connection she has also said, "Our departure from theological personality is, that God's personality must be as infinite as Mind is" (Message for 1901, pp. 4 and 6).

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