The Divine Logic of Christian Science

THERE seems to be much perturbation, in different quarters, because people from practically every denomination have gone into the Christian Science fold. Not only so, but many of those showing this perturbation, who have not come into this fold, are themselves as poor lost sheep,—seeking they know not what, roaming they know not whither. Their old beliefs have failed them; and because they have not been taught how to prove that God is All and the only power, they have come to the false conclusion that there is no God.

One who had been taught, as a child, that God is Spirit, blindly accepted the fact. We say blindly, because she believed that Spirit was something like a cloud, vapor, or shadow, somewhere high in the heavens, very far removed from the "haunts of men." With such a hazy concept of God, naturally the prayers she said could not have been very convincing. They were merely very doubtful petitions. Then came a severe trial; and although she prayed to the best of her understanding, yet, as that understanding of the infinite One was so inaccurate, her prayers failed; and in her ignorance she, too, declared, "There is no God." Her old religion had failed to give her a working understanding of Him. But she must know why her prayers remained unanswered; why she was here, whence she had come, and whither she was going. But who could tell her? A friend, intellectual, brilliant, learned in the ways of the world, had told her that Christian Science was humbug! She believed him, and repeated the false assertion to others. Finally, tempest tossed and weary, she came into this haven of Soul, this divinely logical religion, Christian Science, which mortal mind calls humbug, but which is so true that it answers all questions, calms all fears, destroys all doubts. The aching heart soothed, she was then able to say in all sincerity, "I know that my redeemer liveth."

"Thy God thy glory"
February 24, 1923

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