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Mine is a song of praise and worship to God, our dear...

Mine is a song of praise and worship to God, our dear Father-Mother, present with us now, for the glorious, sweet, and enlightening teaching of Christian Science; and my thoughts of love and gratitude go out also to Mary Baker Eddy, our revered Leader. Since commencing the study of this practical Science (twelve years ago) I have found it solves harmoniously all my problems. Health that was ruined has been regained; impaired moral sense and intellect are sound again; hatred has been replaced by love, a misanthropic disposition by kindness, inertia by activity; while peace and joy have dispelled anxiety and sadness.

When I began to study Christian Science, I imagined a moment must speedily come when I would have no more problems; but this was a mistake. As I progress, I see, on the contrary, that when any one problem is solved, another appears. But this I can state with deep joy and gratitude: that now I no longer fear them; for I have realized that I am at school, under the guidance of the Teacher of teachers, divine wisdom; and that only by applying myself wholeheartedly to these problems can I come out of my earthly self, or, as the apostle says, "put off the old man with his deeds; and . . . put on the new man."

Testimony of Healing
About nine years ago I began the study of Christian Science,...
February 10, 1923

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