PERHAPS no subject is of greater interest to mankind to-day than that of equality. Many persons think they desire it above all else, while nations make laws to establish and protect what they believe it to be. In spite of this, how slow its appearing! When looked at from the standpoint of matter, how impossible its attainment seems! One who apparently has less than his neighbor will talk loudly of the need and right of equality. Let him approach what he calls equal possessions of material things, equal intellectual proficiency, equal worldly prestige, place, and power, and immediately he will begin to descant on the need of liberty to go forward to still greater achievement. All this, because the desire to achieve apparently overreaches the desire for equality.

Under the clear mental analysis of Christian Science we see that what men really want is perfection, since in perfection alone can equality be realized. Without perfection, superiority and inferiority must inevitably appear,—one better than another, one possessing more than another. The psalmist prayed, "Hear the right, O Lord, . . . let thine eyes behold the things that are equal." The only place where perfection and, consequently, true equality may be found is in God, divine Mind. He is always supplying His children with equal opportunities to reflect His perfections. Always, He is causing them to manifest equally His glorious attributes. Always, He is giving them equally of His infinite grace and beauty, of His loveliness and holiness, of His intelligence and capability, of His wisdom and activity. Here none may take aught from another, but each rejoices in the other's goodness and grandeur. Here is no question of nation or race, of sex or position, of place or preference, of superiority or inferiority.

Paradoxical as it may appear to human belief, the only way true equality can ever be won is through the giving up of the personal desire for it. There is no use in attempting to find equality so long as one considers persons. When looking at personality, either our own or that of others, there will always be seen the claims of superiority and inferiority, both in demonstration and privilege; inequality of possession, of opportunities, of ability, of attainment, will seem present. Each mortal, measuring himself by his neighbor, sees little manifested of what he calls equality. But let one begin to demonstrate his own unity with God, divine Mind, and how rapidly right commences to unfold! God's children, made in His image and likeness, always reflect equal opportunity, equal ability, equal perfection, equal receptivity of good.

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"The image of God"
February 10, 1923

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