The real meaning of watching presents a very important factor, which all Christian Scientists should be alert to discover; and the practice of which aids in the making of real Christian Scientists. A true watchman is one who has become conscious of his danger. A little story of the Civil War will illustrate the point.

A Confederate soldier and a few comrades were creeping stealthily up to the Union breastworks. They were sharp-shooters, and they were seeking a Union sentinel who was marching up and down the breastworks. When they came within firing distance, the leader knelt down and took careful aim at the sentinel. Just as he was about to pull the trigger, his attention was arrested by the sound of some one singing a hymn, and he realized that the singer was the person at whom he was aiming. He paused, listened, and waited till the singer had finished the hymn, then arose to his feet and said, "Boys, we will go home." They turned and disappeared in the underbrush.

The Harmonizing of Time and Place
October 13, 1923

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